Thursday, June 6, 2013

Horrorhound - Cincinnati The Good, The Bad and The Irritating

As a major horror fan I really love horror conventions. I am also a huge fan of The Walking Dead, of both the comic and tv show. So, I was very excited to see one of my favorite horror conventions, Horrorhound having a great lineup of Walking Dead cast members. They had in attendance Daryl, Merle, Lori, Shane, Hershel, Axel and Carl. Instantly I knew this was going to be a hugely popular con, just for the fact that Norman Reedus would be there. I have been to a couple of cons he was at and the lines for him are insane. So, with that in mind I purchased early entry for Saturday. I had already prepared myself to stand in line for him for at least 3-4 hours. I know some people think that is insane to stand in a line for that long for someone. But, I really wanted him to sign my Walking Dead poster and its not like I do this everyday so it was really not a big deal for me. I had traveled 2 hours to the con and booked a hotel for the weekend because I knew I would be at that con all day Saturday.

Now with that said I had heard some negative things about past Horrorhounds in Cincinnati, but what people sometimes complain about is typical con things and if you have been to a con before then you expect them. Plus the past cons had taken place in a hotel and this would be in a convention center so logically there would be more room than what a hotel could provide. I arrived on Saturday almost an hour before early entry and the line to get into the convention was literally wrapped around the building and down the street. This line was also going into 2 different directions on each side and there were no signs to indicate where the line started, ended or a line for early admission. With no direction I randomly asked someone where the line was for early admission and I was told I had to go inside and get a wrist band and come outside and stand in line to get in. So, I went into the convention center found the table for wrist bands, got my wrist band and I asked a HH worker where the line was for early entry since I had my wrist band and I was told you can just stay in the convention center. Okay that was easy and now on to find Norman Reedus I knew he would be the longest line of the day so I wanted to get into his line first thing. Problem was there were no signs showing where he was in the convention center. I had to walk all over the place trying to find him. I finally found a group of people that were looking for him too and finally we found the room he was in. They did have chairs for you to sit while you wanted for the cast to appear. In this room they had Norman, Sarah who plays Lori and Jon who played Shane. So, count that with me that is 3 Walking Dead cast members in that room. I went through Reedus's line which took about 45 minutes walked two steps over and got in Sarah's line and waited about an hour for her. When I left the room I saw another line forming so I asked a HH worker whose line this was for he said The Walking Dead....okay who from the Walking Dead....he said I don't know I think all 7 of them.....really because I just walked out of a room that had 3 of them. I should have known things were going to go downhill from there. The wonderful con experience I had had in the past was turning into nothing but a chaotic unorganized mess. Most of the time was spent running around trying to find where the cast was located, which most of the HH workers had no idea so it was better to just ask convention goers. It seemed only Reedus and Michael Rooker had someone organizing their lines to keep them moving. Beyond that people couldn't figure out whose line they were in, you couldn't tell if people were actually standing in a line for someone or just trying to take picture or just standing there taking up space. Once in awhile you would have a HH worker that helped organize the line and keep it in order which lasted about 5 minutes and then they were gone and I didn't ever see them again. By the end of the day I had gotten 5 autographs on my poster and I was completely over this con.

I have been to several HH cons in the past and really enjoyed them, but this was the most unorganized mess of a con I had ever been too. The convention center seemed nothing more than a hotel without the rooms attached to it. It was just banquet style rooms that could not accommodate the massive amount of people. Apparently this con sold out, but they failed to communicate that on their website or in any other way so those that had stayed in line for hours or drove from 6 hours away were told at the door that it was sold out. On Friday from which I hear was the worst day due to the fact that their server crashed which had people standing in line for up to 4 hours. This con could have greatly been approved if HH had better communicate with its staff so they at least knew where all the people were in the room. It needed signs directing people to various locations and better line and crowd control.

Overall it was a disappointing con, but I did get the signatures I wanted and picked up a few items in the vendor's table. Would I go back to a Horrorhound convention....yes I would. I just hope the next time they have improved.

Nerd Girl Comic Art

As most people know I am a huge horror fan and not just of movies but of comics too. I have touted the praises of the comic 28 Days Later which bridges the gap between the 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later where Selena goes back into the infected zone. I fell in love with The Walking Dead since the moment I read the first issue and absolutely loved Michonne from the moment I saw her. Since I am just now getting into comic art I always wanted to have a picture of my 2 of favorite comic book characters. So, I decided to commission this comic art piece from Sean Forney. This is not my first commission from him I received a custom Catwoman for Spazzy for Christmas and I also received a custom steampunk Cassie Hack. Checkout our Nerd Girls Art Gallery to see the art.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Dead

So, you want to remake Evil Dead....did you hear that? That is the collective groan of horror fans. As a group we have weathered all kinds of remakes, re-imaginings, reboots and re-anything in our genre with only a few being actually any good. Now the cult classic film Evil Dead is now on the official re-list. I will admit I was skeptically as I am with pretty much any kind of remake of anything horror let alone classic horror, but I thought I would hold out and give it a chance. Before, during and after production great information about the film was revealed Sam Rami would be writing, Bruce Campbell would be a producer, it is suppose to be CGI free and the greatest news was it's initial ratings screening garnered it an NC-17 add to that the various red band trailers and horror fans were pretty optimistic that finally a remake was going to deliver on what hundreds had tried and thousands had failed at.....a good gory fun horror movie....and I can tell you that as a long time horror fan we finally got what we wanted!!

When a group of friends go to a cabin in the woods to try and help their friend Mia go cold turkey on her drug habit they get more than just helping a friend when they discover the Book of the Dead and how reading it probably wasn't the best decision one of their friends can make. To me the success of a remake lies in paying homage to the original source material, but updating with a new spin and this movie does just that. Instead of being a direct re-telling of the original Evil Dead or taking it in a direction completely opposite of the original it still retains the origins of the original with great gory updates that don't shy away from showing you the full on action. The film starts out solid and stays that way throughout. The scares are not typical and neither is the gore factor. I would not recommend this movie to someone who has never watched horror before and is easy to scare unless you would like to scar them for life....which truthfully could be kinda fun!

Overall, this is a solid disgusting bloody fun horror movie that has restored my faith that great R rated horror can still be made....even if it is a remake.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bates Motel

It's a simple story about a boy and his mother....if only it was that easy. With the success of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story A&E is trying their hand at horror with the prequel to one of the greatest Hitchcock movies ever Psycho. The Bates Motel is set in modern day telling the story of Norman Bates and his mother Norma.

As a fan of the original Psycho and even watching all the lackluster sequels it spawned including the abomination of the shot by shot remake. So, I wasn't sure how well this classic story could be told, but A&E was able to translate it fairly well. Freddie Highmore played Norman Bates with same venerability that Anthony Perkins originated the role with. Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates was well acted although I would have liked to see her a bit more demented, but I think as the show continues you will see that in her build. The setting of the small town and the filming of the first episode gave off a Stephen King movie of the week vibe. I will say there is one particular scene that I was not at all happy with and felt that could have been reworked better. I do believe this will be a slow burn kind of show, which could be a turn off to some viewers. But, overall the first episode laid the ground work for what could possibly be a good television show.

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Episode 104

It's Episode 104 and the Nerd Girls dive into all things nerdy. The girls discuss the unexpected problems that comixology experienced when they decided to give away 700 free comics. Sapph and Spaced discuss Sherlock and Downton Abbey and Spazzy reveals a viewing secret her mother had with The Walking Dead. Spaced travels down the yellow brick road when she reviews Oz the Great and Powerful and she also gets exorcised with The Last Exorcism Part II. Spazzy reads Ravine, but still isn't to sure about it, Sapph plays some Tomb Raider, Spaced lays down some horror news and so much more!

So, grab your iPad and put up your flying monkeys because the Nerd Girls get nerdy on you!!

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Episode 103

It's Episode 103 and the Nerd Girls are getting nerdy on you! Spaced starts it off with some horror news from across the pond in BBC Three land and she also shares some George Romero news. Spazzy gets catty about Catwoman and she is catching up on the Dresden Files and Sapph is going old school on her comic book reading.

The girls let their girly side show when they discuss Oscar night fashions. Who was a hit and who was a major miss? The Girls also talk about comics rehashing their storylines, Tomb Raider, Batwoman and the controversial subject of DC Comics hiring of Orson Scott Card and so much more!

So grab your tally card and get ready to judge because the Nerd Girls are settling the score!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Episode 102

It's Episode 102 and the Nerd Girls get all their nerdiness on! Sapph becomes the law as she reviews the Judge Dredd comic. Spaced gets her Red Lantern rage on...well with the Red Lantern comic. The girls also get their toy love on as they discuss all the goodies from the Toy Fair. Spazzy runs down all the coming Catwoman loveliness  Sapph discusses the Mass Effect and Iron Man toys and Spaced gets her horror on with the Michonne and Carrie statutes. The girls also discuss the controversial nerdy show King of the Nerds as well as The Walking Dead and so much more!

So, grab your toy catalog and get ready to shop because the Nerd Girls are toy crazy!

****Warning there are spoilers for the newest issues of Red Lanterns****

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Warm Bodies Review

R is just a regular guy looking for his way in life, wondering where his life went and wonders if he will ever get used to eating brains....that's right R is a zombie. Warm Bodies tells the tale of when zombie boy R meets zombie killing girl Julie and how just one spark from love can warm a cold dead heart.

I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer for this film I thought it was parody of a zombie movie, much like those hideous Wayan brothers Scary Movie monstrosities. But, then after seeing several other ads and trailers I realized that this was a serious zombie movie. So, the premise of this movie is a zombie falls in love with a girl who unzombies him with her love. Yeah as a huge horror and massive zombie fan I am not buy it. Now don't get me wrong I am not a zombie puriest I can handle a running zombie without losing my mind, but a zombie falling in love is a bit of a stretch.

I already know what you are saying....give it a chance and I will have you know that I did go into the movie with an open mind, but sadly I found myself engulfed in my years of zombie knowledge of what zombies can and can't do. I spent the first half an hour of the film checking off all the zombie rules they were horribly breaking! He doesn't walk like a zombie, he doesn't move like a zombie, he has way to many motor skills for being part of the undead and his thought process would not work like that. I found myself struggling with how long has he been infected because he was barely decomposed. The infection was in its 8th year which looking at him he couldn't possibly have lasted like that for 8 years! Calculating his infection, with his zombie turn time, with his decomp stage and where he should be in this zombie scenario.....and nothing added up!

So, I took a deep breath and I told myself this is a different kind of zombie movie so in order to really watch it you are going to have to throw out all the zombie rules you have learned over the years. Start viewing this movie as the first zombie movie you have seen and you don't know all the rules and the outcomes that should or should not be happening and to be honest when I finally decided to do that I have to say I really did enjoy the movie. It was fast past and kept on point. The interaction between R and Julie was cute and awkward, but it was still relate able even if he was a zombie. The overall feel of the movie was a light hearted zombie movie without all the darkness that goes along with traditional zombie movies. This is the kind of movie that actually has a little something for everyone its not to horror to turn off non horror fans, but it has enough horror in it to keep us interested. The romance is there but it doesn't overwhelm the story to the point of it becoming like a Lifetime movie. I say for the zombie puriest out there leave your zombie rules at the door and you will enjoy a fun, cute, horror movie that will warm your body.

Episode 101

It's Episode 101 and after a long overdue nerdy break the Nerd Girls are back and ready to get all nerdy up on you! The girls start with questions from listeners. Spaced discusses the difference between a horror movie and a slasher movie, Spazzy redoes the world of Catwoman and Sapph shares her favorite games of 2012. The Nerd Girls also share what movies they are most looking forward to this year and so much more! But, no show is complete without a little gore! Spaced forces Sapph and Spazzy to watch the red band Evil Dead trailer....hint don't watch it while you are eating!

So, grab your Batman snuggie and get cuddled in because the Nerd Girls are back and in a nerdy mood!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Directed by Tommy Wirkola who gave us the delightfully subtitled nazi zombie story Dead Snow tries his hand at a re-telling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tale Hansel and Gretel....for a modern age. The film starts out with Hansel (Jeremy Remmer) and Gretel (Gemma Arterton) being lead out of their home by their father, left in the woods to fiend for themselves. Scared with only each other they travel through the forest and find a candy covered cottage, which is home to an evil witch who would love to have them for dinner. Needless to say as the story goes they are captured by the witch, but turn the tables on her so to speak by killing her in the very oven they were to die in. Forever changed by this experience Hansel and Gretel have now become bounty hunters with witches in their cross hairs. When they are hired by a small village to save some missing children and eradicate their witch problem they get more then they bargained for when they are forced to come up against the most powerful witch (Famke Janssen) yet and soon find out not only the reason for the missing children but answers to their past.

I have to say I always love a re-telling of a fairy tale it's probably why I love the TV show Once Upon a Time. This film starts off strong hits a few bumpy points but levels off into a solid film. The overall tone and feel to the movie is a dark one which is a real benefit with the scenes with the witches. Renner and Arterton put in solid performances with Renner broodier than ever and Arterton's beauty and perfectly pouty lips make her scenes that much more enjoyable. The costumes are beautiful looking and I am sure they will end up on several people's cosplay list and their arsenal of witch weaponry is very impressive. I really enjoyed the scenes with Janssen as the evil witch and the take on her witch look was very good.

Although I do have a few complaints about the film. I did feel the editing was a bit choppy in certain areas and the head witches's minions looked like a cross between a Hellraiser ceneobite and a zombie, which took me out of the movie for a bit when they appeared. Some of the CGI was a little wonky especially when the witches would take flight on any tree limb they could make for a broom. But, I think my biggest complainant would be that Hansel and Gretel are suppose to be these amazing witch hunters, but it seemed in every fight with a witch they were all but beat down by each encounter. Not to say they didn't have some really cool witch death scenes I just wish they weren't as beat up as they were through the movie.

Overall if you enjoy a re-telling of a classic tale with blood, gore, random "F" bombs and wee bit of nudity sprinkled in with a pretty solid script then you will want to hunt this flick down.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

The Star Trek empire is a cornerstone of the Nerd Universe and every empire needs its history told! Well that guide is now here in Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years is the expansive history that covers the first 150 years of the United Federation of Planets in the intergalactic democracy that governs the Star Trek Universe. We had the opportunity to have a little Q&A with the editor, Dana and Rosanna who is part of the creative team. They tell us what was all involved in putting this book together, their favorite parts and if George Takei's voice really ran through their head.

How did the concept for the book come about?

DY: The concept for the book was inspired by our illustrated edition of David McCullough's 1776. John Van Citters, at CBS Consumer Products (the license holder for Star Trek), really wanted to do something similar--a book with removable documents that encapsulated the history of the founding of the Federation. The book grew from there.

What was one of the biggest obstacles you faced putting the book together?

DY: I know that David, the author, was faced with resolving the many disparate story lines (and resulting
inconsistencies), which was a probably more of a challenge than an obstacle. Truthfully, the toughest thing
about the project was the timeline. We were on a tight schedule for such an ambitious project.

RB: Making sure that the design and art were accurate in terms of continuity was not so much an obstacle,
but a big challenge. 

Was there anything that you found researching the book that surprised you about the history of The Federation?
DY: I can't take credit for the research. David really carried that burden. For our creative team, we did more of a crash course in Federation history. David created a cheat sheet of key episodes from TOS and Enterprise that focused on major plot points in our book. While I had watched Star Trek before working on the project, I needed to expand on my knowledge of the canon to keep up!

How long did it take to complete the book?

DY: The creative schedule (writing, design, illustration, and pedestal design) was just short of 8 months, then there was about 6 months for manufacturing. It was very brisk.

What was your strategy in terms of data collection with the archives research you used for the book?

DY: Again, David really handled the extensive research. We also relied on John and Marian Cordy at CBS for lots of art reference for the many alien cultures and scripts. Rosanna, the designer was amazing at keeping everything organized and distributed to our four artists/illustrators.

What is your favorite part of the book?

DY: I love the beautiful chapter opening paintings done by Mark McHaley. In terms of the text, Spock's eulogy to Kirk is a lovely piece of writing.

RB: Khaaaaan! No seriously, my favorite part of the book are the illustrations (esp. of Khan) and all the
historical documents in the book.

In putting together this book, how difficult was it to keep track of the "history of Star Trek? Were there any specific challenges (for example, TOS and DS9 had slightly different dates for the Eugenics Wars - Gordon Dymowski

DY: The author and John at CBS are walking ST encyclopedias. Their knowledge of the canon and timelines amazed me. David was tasked with figuring out how to resolve the different timelines/inconsistencies in dates for things like the Eugenics Wars. It was super important to him as a fan to come up with explanations that really made sense.

Did George Takei's voice go through your head when you were working on the book? - Elliott Serrano

DY: George Takei's voice will be in my head for a long time! I can probable still recite his intro from memory.

What is your favorite Captain, favorite alien species and favorite Federation uniform? - Jamie Dunst

DY: I'm a TOS girl so I will have to go with the classic answer: Kirk in his dress uniform.
RB: Kirk, do tribbles count?, the TOS dress and boots.

What is up next for you?
DY: We have several really exciting Star Trek titles coming out in the Fall, but we can't disclose them just yet. :)

The book is available at Amazon

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

Among all the various slashers out there Leatherface has always been one of my favorites. Maybe because he is loosely based off of a real person and also who doesn't like to see the damage a chainsaw can make on hapless victims. I have seen all the incarnations of Leatherface and his insane family from the original groundbreaking flick to the we shall never mention TCM 4: The Next Generation with Matthew McConaughy and Renee Zellweger. So, naturally this would have to be a must view for me.

They say this film takes place directly after the events of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre directed by Tobe Hooper. But, to be honest that is actually a bit misleading the first segment of the movie takes place directly after the original movie. However, it then fast forwards to 2012. There we find Heather working in the meat department of a grocery store getting ready for a trip to New Orleans. But, then she finds out that she has inherited a home from her dead grandmother that she never knew she had and in turn proceeds to travel to Texas with her friends to see what all she has actually inherited. The group soon encounters Leatherface and the buzz saw begins.

Overall this was a weak installment to this already labored franchise. It seemed more of a remake of Michael Bay's produced Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I enjoyed) rather than its own stand alone sequel movie.  The basic premise was a good one, but it was poorly executed with slightly bad acting and slow pace of the film.

What I love most about horror movies are the kill scenes. These scenes were carbon copies of the past movies with even some scenes almost happening off to the side where the viewer doesn't even really see the "meat" of the scene. I really wanted to see some good chainsaw scenes and was only granted one good one through the entire film. To me if you took out all the horror kill scenes this would play out like a Lifetime movie. There attempts to humanize Leatherface were awkward and slightly comical. Leatherface has never been human like to me which is a lot of his appeal.

Now granted, there are other things I could go into that bugged me about this movie other than the lack of some good kill scenes like the fact that Heather's age doesn't really match up with the timeline of the movie, that no one will ever realize that picking up a hitchhiker never ends well, how no one seems to think having graves in the backyard is odd and why is Trey Songz being "introduced" in the opening credits. That is usually reserved for someone who is a centeral or important character, which he was neither. In closing, if you are interested in watching a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film there are better choices to choose from because this chainsaw has no teeth! ~ Spaced