Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Dead

So, you want to remake Evil Dead....did you hear that? That is the collective groan of horror fans. As a group we have weathered all kinds of remakes, re-imaginings, reboots and re-anything in our genre with only a few being actually any good. Now the cult classic film Evil Dead is now on the official re-list. I will admit I was skeptically as I am with pretty much any kind of remake of anything horror let alone classic horror, but I thought I would hold out and give it a chance. Before, during and after production great information about the film was revealed Sam Rami would be writing, Bruce Campbell would be a producer, it is suppose to be CGI free and the greatest news was it's initial ratings screening garnered it an NC-17 add to that the various red band trailers and horror fans were pretty optimistic that finally a remake was going to deliver on what hundreds had tried and thousands had failed at.....a good gory fun horror movie....and I can tell you that as a long time horror fan we finally got what we wanted!!

When a group of friends go to a cabin in the woods to try and help their friend Mia go cold turkey on her drug habit they get more than just helping a friend when they discover the Book of the Dead and how reading it probably wasn't the best decision one of their friends can make. To me the success of a remake lies in paying homage to the original source material, but updating with a new spin and this movie does just that. Instead of being a direct re-telling of the original Evil Dead or taking it in a direction completely opposite of the original it still retains the origins of the original with great gory updates that don't shy away from showing you the full on action. The film starts out solid and stays that way throughout. The scares are not typical and neither is the gore factor. I would not recommend this movie to someone who has never watched horror before and is easy to scare unless you would like to scar them for life....which truthfully could be kinda fun!

Overall, this is a solid disgusting bloody fun horror movie that has restored my faith that great R rated horror can still be made....even if it is a remake.