Thursday, February 14, 2013

Episode 102

It's Episode 102 and the Nerd Girls get all their nerdiness on! Sapph becomes the law as she reviews the Judge Dredd comic. Spaced gets her Red Lantern rage on...well with the Red Lantern comic. The girls also get their toy love on as they discuss all the goodies from the Toy Fair. Spazzy runs down all the coming Catwoman loveliness  Sapph discusses the Mass Effect and Iron Man toys and Spaced gets her horror on with the Michonne and Carrie statutes. The girls also discuss the controversial nerdy show King of the Nerds as well as The Walking Dead and so much more!

So, grab your toy catalog and get ready to shop because the Nerd Girls are toy crazy!

****Warning there are spoilers for the newest issues of Red Lanterns****

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