Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top Geek Girls of 2012 has named The Nerd Girls Eye View one of the Top Geek Girls of 2012!! There are some great geek girls on this list and we are proud to be a part of it!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

As most everyone knows I am a huge horror fan, but not just of movies, but of comics too. I have been touting the praises of the comic 28 Days Later for awhile. This comic actually bridges the gap between the movies 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, which has Selena going back into the hot zone. I am also a big fan of The Walking Dead and fell in love with Michonne when I first saw her in the comic. Since I am new to comic art I had been wanting art of both Michonne and Selena so I commissioned this piece from Sean Forney. I have purchased additional commission pieces from him such as a steampunk Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash) and a Catwoman for Spazzy. Those pieces are in our Nerd Girl Art Gallery. I have to say that this piece came out better than I imagined it would and I love it.

If you want to get a commission art piece from Sean Forney you can visit his site to see all his art at Savage Mind Comic Studio

You can also hit him up on Twitter @seanforneyart

Vacancy at the Bates Motel

Norman Bates and his lovely mother have a vacancy for you at the Bates Motel. A&E has developed the Bates Motel, which is the prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho.  It is a contemporary telling that doesn't solely focus on Norman and his mother, but also the town they live in and the secrets it holds.

When most horror fans do a collective "eye roll" when prequel and remake are attached to a classic film I really do have high hopes for this series. Unlike American Horror Story that relies on a "shock and awe" format instead of good story telling I would like to see this series focus on character development and not fall into the typical horror cliques. I really do want to see more successful horror television shows and I do hope with the great casting of Vera Farmiga (Orphan) as Norma Bates and Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Norman Bates with a combination of great story telling and a network that is open horror I am hoping there is a room here I will want to rent for the season. ~ Spaced

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Witch Doctor - Malpractice #1

Witch Doctor: Malpractice #1
By: Brandon Siefert
Art by: Lukas Ketner

As most of you don't know I am a Judge for the Ghastly Awards which honors the best in horror comics. This is currently a creator based award, which gives writers, artists, etc the ability to nominate their fellow creator for their contribution to the wonderful world of horror comics. As a Judge I get to pick one comic a month that I feel should be given a read and this month I picked Witch Doctor Malpractice issue #1.

The Witch Doctor: Malpractice Issue #1 -  Writer Brandon Seifert and artist Lukas Ketner are bringing back Dr. Vincent Morrow and he is better than ever! Malpractice issue #1 finds the good Doctor doing what he does best.....the extraction of demons because when your a physician of the occult everyday can be a challenge. But, when Dr. Morrow decides to hit up his local pub after a hard day of exercising the paranormal he will soon find out that even this trip could have dire consequences. Brandon's writing is a great mixture of suspense and humor with Ketner's art drawing you into every supernatural adventure with baited breath. All the characters from Dr. Morrow, his assistants Penny Dreadful and Eric to his patient encounters help elevate the story and provide the twists and turns that horror readers love to see and read. This is the kind of series that you will want your local comic store to fill! - Spaced

If you are a comic creator and would like to nominate your fellow creator for an award just click here to fill out the ballot. Who knows maybe someone will nominate you!

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